Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anyone looking to try new products and review them for free and to keep should definitely check out ! You don't get any cash for trying the products out, but you do get to keep the products you try out. You basically have to build your "honeycomb" by doing things like filling out surveys, accepting invitations to try products out. By participating in the activities on you climb the honeycomb in order to get earlier invites to try new products out. Basically you want to be up the highest you can in order to be one of the first people to get an invite! Right now I am at level 5 (early invite status) or what they also call "Honey Bee". So far since I have joined, I have tried several different campaigns. Just to name a few, I got invited to do a free month on and I just recently got my bzzkit in today to try L'Oreal Paris' newest mascara and eye shadow! I am excited to try these out! Here is a pic of what I received today!

Now all I have to do is try these two products out for maybe about a week and then take a pic or two. Then I go on the site and give my review of the products! It is just that easy. Oh and you get a few Mypoints points for these specific activities you do on
  • Have a BzzReport approved
  • Write a product review
  • Complete most campaign activities, like submitting a photo or video
  • Complete select BzzAgent surveys and polls
  • Take part in activities presented by MyPoints on their own site
On Mypoints you also can shop online and get points for that too. Most of the time you get about one point per dollar, but sometimes it is more.

Cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma

Check out your local Williams-Sonoma store during the month of April. They are giving cooking classes!
  • Each 1½ - to 2-hour class includes a cooking demonstration, generous samples of featured dishes and printed recipes to take home.

  • Class fees vary by store location.

  • Participants receive a 10% discount on store purchases the day of the class.

  • Available at select stores; class dates and times vary by store location.

  • Space is limited and reservations are required. Call a participating store to register.

  • Click here to check their website out!

    Free juno baby cd

    Juno baby

    They were giving out t-shirts for kids, but ran out so now they are giving cd's in place! You should check it out if you have a child aged 2 to 4. I have received one dvd from them and my 3 and 6 yr olds love it!

    Free e-cookbooks to download

    Mr. Food PDF e-cookbooks

    From what I see there are a few of these e-cookbooks you can download & save!
    1. Let's Get Grilling (42 pages)
    2. Mr. Food Decadent Desserts eCookbook (32 pages)
    3. 27 Simple Mexican Recipes eCookbook (42 pages)
    4. 33 Top Secret Copycat Restaurant Recipes eCookbook Vol 3 (52 pages)

    Hope you like~

    Starbucks Freebie

    Get a free cup of starbucks coffee with you bring in your own travel cup on April 22 for earth day! Starbucks website It says it on the website on the right at the bottom! I am not sure if every starbucks is doing this or just some. Therefore, before you walk in, you might want to call and make sure they are doing it at your local store.

    Free Burger king nuggets!

    Keep an eye out for a coupon for free nuggets in your mailbox! One of my friends let me know she got some in her mailbox. So anyone who loves BK might want to keep an eye out for these!


    This is another website very similar to the other sites where you do simple stuff to accrue points. You then take the points and can convert them into cash! I just signed up today for it and if anyone is skeptical, let me know and I will be more than glad to tell you more about the website!

    Beezag <~~ this is the link to sign up!

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Free shampoo sample!

    Creme of Nature   is giving away free shampoo samples! Check it out!
    So I am still trying to figure out how to occupy my time with something that will earn me an income or something that I can supplement and put money down on the side for savings. I am tired of trying to rely on others to take care of me, when I am perfectly able to take care of myself. At this time I am currently staying home with my son. My daughter goes to school and my husband works. We live so far out in the country that everything is at least a 25 to 30 minute drive. This is my whole reason behind wanting to work home. Even if I put my son in daycare, just the gas cost and daycare costs would take up my whole paycheck and then some. At this point I do not have the extra money to put forward on any type of business. Hopefully I can get some tips. Now I am off to let others know about my blog and see what goodies I can come up with for my readers (which at this point as I have checked I have none).

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Free Kindle books

    Turned at Dark: A Bonus Shadow Falls Short Story
    Fallen From Grace: A Bonus Dark Mirror Short Story
    Dead Drop: A Lawson Vampire Bonus Story

    These are just a few, but there are tons more!

    Cute Kid's contest

    Mommies should head over to The Trendy Tutu's facebook page and enter you child in their Cute Kid contest. Winner will get a $15 gift certificate to their store. Email them pictures at with your son/daughters name. You can also vote too, but I don't think you will win anything just for voting. You can vote for every pic in the contest, but only one vote per picture.

    Just found a website that lets bloggers sign up for free. You confirm your blog, and then advertisers are supposed to choose if they want to advertise and or let you review their products on your blog. The site is called Pay per post . I just signed up for it and I want to see if I can actually get any advertisers or business' to let me review their products and or post their advertisements on my blog. I also found another site called Review me and they are supposed to be the same. I am going to see though. I am about to sign up right now. I will keep everyone updated about these websites!
    Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog. I am looking to review products from companies that are willing to let me try them for free! I am also willing to post links for companies willing to advertise on my blog.

    Free Tide Giveaway

    Head over to the Tide facebook page . April 28 @ 9pm Tide is doing a giveaway to the first 100,000 to register for the Tide Stain Release Challenge. You will be able to reserve a sample for yourself and 3 of your friends! Also, don't forget to enter Tide's biggest fan challenge. You could win one of 10 exclusive Tide backstage passes and a year’s supply of Tide. While there you might want to purchase one of their vintage tees. If you do you will receive a free download for a Faith Hill song. $4 of each tee purchase goes toward helping families affected by disasters.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Sweep Tight giveaway

    Everyone should check out Sweep Tight's blog . They are doing a giveaway called Bridal Beauty Bonanza!!! Two lucky winners will each receive a bottle of  "Happy Hour Effect".
    Happy Hour Effect is the first health supplement specifically created by a young, working widowed-mother to ease work stress and promote work/life balance. Like a “happy hour for your brain”, this unique blend of vitamins, amino acids, metabolites and herbs supports your body as you weather work stress, unemployment and economic concerns and helps you maintain your work/life balance. (*copied from her blog)
    Check it out and you should follow her. She has alot of cool giveaways.

    *The giveaway ends on Thursday April 7, 2011 @11:59 pm CST

    Free working mother magazine!

    Click here

    Working Mother is the only national magazine that helps moms with careers balance their personal and professional lives. The magazine serves women boldly, celebrating the joys, humor and challenges of working moms. Showcasing readers, not celebrities, on the covers, the magazine has three sections you, work and family that address the three touchpoints of a working mom's life. Groundbreaking initiatives, including Working Mother 100 Best Companies and Best Companies for Multicultural Women, are speeding the pace of improvements in work/life policies and the advancement of women. By charting this progress, Working Mother helps readers understand what is possible in their own careers, families and busy lives. (*copied from the website*)

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011


    So lately I have decided to take on making my daughters hairbows myself, instead of buying them. I love doing it, but it is time consuming for me as I don't get much help from my SO to watch the kids while I try and work on them. Here are pics of two hairbows that I have made so far.

    rock star bow
    st pattys day bow
    I think I might give it a little longer, before I decide if I am going to go into making these and trying to sell. I still need practice and because I also know a couple of other people who are also making and selling hairbows and because one is related to me, I don't want to take business away from her. However, I am thinking about trying to become a Mark rep to sell online. Anyways, I am about to head to bed and get some rest. Hope everyone is doing great! Good nite!