Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anyone looking to try new products and review them for free and to keep should definitely check out ! You don't get any cash for trying the products out, but you do get to keep the products you try out. You basically have to build your "honeycomb" by doing things like filling out surveys, accepting invitations to try products out. By participating in the activities on you climb the honeycomb in order to get earlier invites to try new products out. Basically you want to be up the highest you can in order to be one of the first people to get an invite! Right now I am at level 5 (early invite status) or what they also call "Honey Bee". So far since I have joined, I have tried several different campaigns. Just to name a few, I got invited to do a free month on and I just recently got my bzzkit in today to try L'Oreal Paris' newest mascara and eye shadow! I am excited to try these out! Here is a pic of what I received today!

Now all I have to do is try these two products out for maybe about a week and then take a pic or two. Then I go on the site and give my review of the products! It is just that easy. Oh and you get a few Mypoints points for these specific activities you do on
  • Have a BzzReport approved
  • Write a product review
  • Complete most campaign activities, like submitting a photo or video
  • Complete select BzzAgent surveys and polls
  • Take part in activities presented by MyPoints on their own site
On Mypoints you also can shop online and get points for that too. Most of the time you get about one point per dollar, but sometimes it is more.

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