Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So lately I have decided to take on making my daughters hairbows myself, instead of buying them. I love doing it, but it is time consuming for me as I don't get much help from my SO to watch the kids while I try and work on them. Here are pics of two hairbows that I have made so far.

rock star bow
st pattys day bow
I think I might give it a little longer, before I decide if I am going to go into making these and trying to sell. I still need practice and because I also know a couple of other people who are also making and selling hairbows and because one is related to me, I don't want to take business away from her. However, I am thinking about trying to become a Mark rep to sell online. Anyways, I am about to head to bed and get some rest. Hope everyone is doing great! Good nite!

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