Sunday, March 27, 2011

So I am still trying to figure out how to occupy my time with something that will earn me an income or something that I can supplement and put money down on the side for savings. I am tired of trying to rely on others to take care of me, when I am perfectly able to take care of myself. At this time I am currently staying home with my son. My daughter goes to school and my husband works. We live so far out in the country that everything is at least a 25 to 30 minute drive. This is my whole reason behind wanting to work home. Even if I put my son in daycare, just the gas cost and daycare costs would take up my whole paycheck and then some. At this point I do not have the extra money to put forward on any type of business. Hopefully I can get some tips. Now I am off to let others know about my blog and see what goodies I can come up with for my readers (which at this point as I have checked I have none).

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