Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting on a workout routine

So I have known for about a month now that my little sister is getting married and that I will be one of her two bridesmaids. I refuse to be a "chubby" bridesmaid, so therefore I am putting myself on a diet and I have about a year to lose about 30 to 40 pounds. My problem is that I need to find the motivation to get up and move. We live so far out in the country that driving to a gym would basically cost me twice the price with gas. Plus, I have no babysitter for my son. I am determined to lose the weight. I would love to try out a body wrap, but at this time I have no extra cash on hand to purchase any. I am however going down to visit my parents for the summer and I was looking forward to taking the entire summer off instead of working, since everytime I go down for the summer I always work. I was hoping my husband would be able to take the summer off or part of the summer so that he could take the kids while I worked the entire summer. I don't want to fork over the extra money to pay for daycare. So therefore, I am in a dilemma. Do I go down to my family and work the whole summer while having the kids at home and have my mom watch the kids while I am working? Or do I not work and just stay at their house everyday? Oh and I forgot to mention that where I would be working is the same place as my mom except she would get to work before me and when she got off, then I would go to work so that she could watch the kids. Such a dilemma...I know most would say just put them into daycare, but daycare isn't exactly cheap and I don't trust people to watch my kids that I don't know. Guess I will have to give this more thought.

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