Monday, May 9, 2011

Being sick is no fun

So I know I have been behind on posting on my blog, but for the past few days I have been sick with what I think was food poisoning. I have to say that was the worst pain. It was about as bad as going through labor pains with no meds. The worst part about it was I only had my 3 and 6 year olds there to help take care of me. My in-laws are stuck in water, because of all of this flooding we have been having and my husband had to work. I feel really bad for being so sick, because just my throwing up scared my 3 year old son. I started crying and ran away to his room. I am glad that I can actually walk and am able to keep chicken noodle soup and water down. I just never want my kids to have to see me in that condition ever again. I have to say I am very proud of my 6 year old in the fact, that she did do her best to clean up my mess and get me what she could and I asked for.
  Anyways, I have posted a few links for some freebies that I found or were referred by others!

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