Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Starting over

So I have been so busy and I have been trying to decide whether I wanted to keep this blog or not. I have been busy working full time and the coming home to my kids and doing homework with them, then eating dinner and ready for bed. I just haven't had time. I have decided that I want to keep the blog, but I am trying to figure out where I want to go with it. I am currently working with customer service and I have been working and even got a promotion six months working back at my old job. I am now a manager and am loving it. The pay is not bad either. I am also at a cross roads with my marriage. I have been split on so many decisions lately and it has been a pretty stressful six months for me. I am currently separated from my husband, but we are trying to work on things being 8 hours apart. It is hard, especially when we both want different things, but also the same things. I am a people pleaser and really need to work on telling others no. 
     Anywho, on another note, I have dropped a pant size since I started working. I have also hit a plateau. I won't say I did it the healthy way, because I did not do it by eating healthy and giving up soda's. I did cut back on what I ate and I am on my feet all day around sweets and that helped! Eventually you get tired of the sweets. Unfortunately and fortunately it is Mardi Gras/king cake season and I have been indulging into a couple king cakes, because it has been sooo long since I have had one. My favorite are the decadent Pecan praline topped with cream cheese filling and also the strawberry/cream cheese with traditional topping. Here is a link to them where you can order them from Baton Rouge, La!! Just click below!

Mardi Gras King Cakes


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