Swagbucks & etc

Check out these cool sites that are free to sign up! You earn points just for doing simple daily task such as searching, voting in daily polls, etc.! You then turn the points in for cool stuff like t-shirts, gaming systems, gift cards, etc. Check em' out!

On this site you earn just for voting in the daily poll, searching, watching videos, contests, and even when you buy online  through the website you earn swagbucks! If you check at the bottom of my blog, you will see the swagbucks swidget!

This is sort of like swagbucks, except I find it is way easier to earn points faster than swagbucks, but Irazoo doesn't offer nearly the amount of cool stuff you can exchange for points like swagbucks. They do have what they call "Earn Mega Points" which is under your my accounts page after you sign up. When you click that like on your "my accounts" page, they will give you an automatic 5 points. You also do searches and can earn points for that. The most I have ever gotten for doing a search is 55 points. You also get points for giving a recommendation on 2 different sites a day. Check it out and let me know what you think!